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Written by RACHA

Full of flavour. It couldn’t be easier! It was so easy to cook, 8-10 minutes in a frying pan and hey presto! a really tasty, delicious and satisfying meal. I am not a vegan but this felt so right and was so nutritious. I would definitely recommend it for ease and simplicity.

Written by Sam

I love the Tikka Massala one. Its really great!!

Written by NOSIILAD

Quick, Easy and Tasty You don’t need to be Vegan to enjoy this meal. It’s so quick and easy – just pop in the microwave – and serve with your choice of protein. It looks like you’ve been chopping a wide variety of veggies for ages!

Written by Yasmin

Your meals have been a saving grace! My partner's place doesn't have an oven - and takeaway can be super expensive frequently (and unhealthy...and rarely vegan!). It's been tough going round to eat and a hard time and being able to pop these in the microwave has been so helpful. Thank you so much for making these tasty & easy meals - I can't wait to try more.

Written by Jacqui

Was really impressed. I’m not a vegan but I try to live healthy and have meat free days. Was really tasty and so quick and easy to cook.

Written by Rhys Holland

I just wanted to say that your products are actually life changing, the chicken style pieces are actually unreal. I’ve been spiking my protein intake for weight gain and muscle mass. And they’ve made my protein intake skyrocket in the last few weeks. Along with the tikka masala ready meal, that’s straight fire. Keep it up for real this is amazing.

Written by Sabra Rose

Great for a tired new mum! I had a baby 12 weeks ago so I don't have much time for cooking these days. This is a great quick meal option that is healthier than the typical freezer food. I really like the texture on the protein pieces. The overall flavour is not too spicy but still tasty.