Mexican Fiesta

Ai caramba, this is a spicy song. A freshly frozen meal full of vegetables such as green beans, red kidney beans, red pepper, sweet corn and potato. And chili, lots of chili in the Mexican sauce. Just like garlic and fresh thyme. Tasty as a meal, but also perfect as a filling for your tortillas.

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Preparation method

Heat a wok or frying pan on the stove. Add your favorite vegetable oil, add your Lazy Vegan meal and let it gently warm over a medium heat. Stir occasionally, occasionally dream away at the wonderful scents. After about 8 minutes you can fill a plate with your healthy, vegan meal. Enjoy your meal!


19% potato, 16% vegetable pieces (water, 5% pea protein, pumpkin puree, sunflower oil, pea fiber, thyme, rosemary, maple syrup, potato starch, pepper, salt), 14% tomato, 12% red beans, 9 % red pepper, 9% green beans, 9% sweet corn, 9% red onion, tomato puree, sunflower oil, garlic, coriander, oregano, red chili pepper, cumin, onion, agave syrup, cayenne pepper, coriander powder, salt and white pepper.

Nutritional values