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Join the lazy revolution

Easy and vegan are a match made in heaven. Lazy Vegan is your shortcut to a delicious plant-based meal that takes just minutes to prepare. No mystery ingredients – just a nutritionally complete meal. Meaning you can make a big impact, without the hassle. So exactly how much do you save per meal?

Taking six lazy baths - 720 litres of water

The average Amsterdam garden - 7.9 square metres of land

A large bowl of animal feed - 1,25 kilo

Taking the car from Amsterdam to Weesp - 1.76 kgs of CO2/GHG

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Prepare in 10 minutes

Foolproof vegan recipes, based on our ready meals. Variety is the spice of life, but let’s keep it easy. Because sometimes you’d rather stay lazy instead of going hungry.

Meet the original lazy vegans

We didn’t become Lazy Vegans® overnight. It took dedication, flexibility, and sure, a couple of burnt meals here and there. But our goal has remained clear as ever: we’ll do anything in our power to make plant-based food as easy, healthy and delicious as possible. So you can be a Lazy Vegan, too.


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