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Lazy Vegan meals are pretty damn tasty and nutritious. They contain plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs, and are a life saver for you in your freezer. You'll cook them up in just 8 minutes.

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“Such a quick, easy and convenient meal. Full of goodness and very filling. A great source of protein with a good balance of vegetables and protein“

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“Good flavour and quick to prepare – and filling. Even my partner who usually has meat with every meal was impressed! Will be a freezer staple moving forwards. “

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“Lots of fresh vegetables and a well-balanced meal with not too many calories… For me it’s now a regular shot to pull this out of the freezer after a busy working day, while I never used to have ready meals.“

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Prepare in 10 minutes

Foolproof vegan recipes, based on our ready meals. Variety is the spice of life, but let’s keep it easy. Because sometimes you’d rather stay lazy instead of going hungry.

Meet the original lazy vegans

We didn’t become Lazy Vegans® overnight. It took dedication, flexibility, and sure, a couple of burnt meals here and there. But our goal has remained clear as ever: we’ll do anything in our power to make plant-based food as easy, healthy and delicious as possible. So you can be a Lazy Vegan, too.


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