Italian Risotto

A wonderfully creamy risotto with authentic Arborio rice, but completely plant-based? Count us in. Our version is full of delicious fresh-frozen veggies, like asparagus, white mushrooms, chanterelles and cherry tomatoes, all in a vegan cream sauce. Of course, we also added garlic, spring onion and black pepper. Buon appetito!

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Heat a frying pan or skillet. Pour in some of your favourite vegetable oil, add your Lazy Vegan meal and heat it up over medium heat. Give it a little stir now and then. Feel free to drift away on those delicious aromas filling your nose. After only about 8 minutes, you’re ready to plate your healthy vegan dinner. Bon appétit!


37% cooked Arborio rice (water, rice), 10% green peas, 9% mushrooms, 7% green asparagus, 7% cherry tomatoes, 7% spring onion, 7% cononut milk, 4% chanterelles, 3% porchini mushrooms, 3% cauliflower, potato starch, parsley, garlic, coconut oil, chickpea flower, pea fibre, nutritional yeast, rapeseed oil, onion, tomato, carrot, salt, sugar, natural flavours and black pepper.

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