Meet the team


Product Developer

Pascale is our product developer. Vegan chef by day, vegan chef by night. Wait, what? That’s right. When Pascale comes home from a long day of developing Lazy Vegan meals at work, she’ll happily spend hours in the kitchen at home cooking up the most elaborate dishes. By the way, Pascale is a true spice girl – literally. There’s not a spice in the world she can’t make magic with.



Meet Vincent, our founder. Vincent’s perfect day is a day spent in the kitchen. He grew up on the west coast of Sweden. There, his passion for good food was instilled in him from birth, thanks to his father, who ran several restaurants. Vincent followed in his footsteps. After he became a dad himself, Vincent decided he wanted to make a difference for future generations. And that’s how Lazy Vegan was born.



Meet Bas, our co-founder and CCO. He worked for large food corporations for years until he realised that he wanted to use what he’d learned to make a truly positive change. When he met Vincent, everything clicked into place. With four kids, Bas has a lot of mouths to feed. According to his family, he never cooks – he just reheates his food. Sounds like a real Lazy Vegan to us!


Chief Growth Germany

This is Fiona, our Chief Growth Germany, who’s made it her mission to help out all the Lazy Vegans in Germany. We know we keep saying that vegans eat more than just lentils... but Fiona happens to love them! As she’s on the road a lot, she can often be seen carrying a home-made lentil salad to eat on the go. Not so lazy after all, is she!


Marketing Manager

Meet Maartje, our Marketing Manager. With a background in FMCG and sparking flawless fast-charge experiences for electric vehicle drivers at a successful scale-up, she’s now fueled by the mission to make vegan food as easily accessible to all. While she embraces the Lazy Vegan lifestyle, she loves experimenting with new recipes, and being creative with the ingredients at hand. She hardly ever serves the same dish twice.

Lazy Vegan Fusilli pasta Lazy Vegan Courgette 1 Lazy Vegan Courgette 2