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  • How did Lazy Vegan come about?

    We wanted to make vegan food as easy as possible. For ourselves and for everyone else who likes a healthy meal that’s easy and quick to prepare. Whether it’s every single day or every now and then. Because if everyone opted for plant-based food a little more often, we could make a big positive impact on the planet together.

  • Why are you called Lazy Vegan?

    Because we love to eat vegan food, but we want it to be as effortless as possible. That’s why we decided to develop nutritionally balanced and delicious vegan frozen ready meals that you can easily pick up at the supermarket. Free from rubbish, full of plant-based goodness. We do the work, so you can be a lazy vegan!

  • I’m not lazy. I'm just busy!

    Exactly! That’s why you deserve to sit back and relax after a long day and not worry about what you’re going to have for dinner. We already did the work, so in under 8 minutes, you’re ready to dig in. You’re welcome! 🙂

  • What’s in a Lazy Vegan meal?

    Our meals are made from plant-based and 100% natural ingredients. As a vegan brand, we don’t use animal ingredients. So no meat, no dairy and no eggs. So what’s in our meals? Expect plenty of crispy vegetables and a wide range of carefully selected herbs that bring out the best flavour to each dish. Some meals contain chicken-style pieces made from pea-protein.

  • How many servings are in one bag of Lazy Vegan?

    Every meal is about 400 grams. That’s enough for one adult as a dinner or lunch meal. Are you extra hungry or sharing with someone else? Check out our lazy recipes on how to complement our meals or change them up!

  • Are Lazy Vegan meals healthy?

    We’re true food geeks, so we study and triple-check every single vegetable, protein and nutrient we use for flavour, health benefits and environmental impact.

    Our meals contain over 200 grams of vegetables and most of them are high in protein: about 23 grams, even more than comparable meat-based meals. We don’t add preservatives and all of our meals have a Nutri-Score of A.

  • Why do the meals come frozen?

    OK, it may not sound all that sexy – but hear us out. Vegetables and fruits you keep in the fridge or in your pantry lose valuable nutrients by the hour, as vitamins and minerals degrade over time. If you freeze them instead, you stop this process in its tracks. Because we freeze our veggies immediately after the harvest, you get to enjoy the freshest ingredients possible with the maximum nutritional value. In addition, freezing our meals means we don’t have to add any extra salt or preservatives to make sure our products keep for longer.

    Another advantage is that frozen foods help combat food waste. In the freezer, our meals stay fresh for a long time, leaving you free to choose when to eat them. Saves you another bag of sadly wilted string beans in your fridge.

  • Are Lazy Vegan meals gluten-free?

    Not all of our meals are gluten-free, but many happen to be! There really is a Lazy Vegan meal for everyone.

  • Are Lazy Vegan meals organic?

    That’s something we’re working on. Right now, our meals aren’t 100% organic yet. We want them to be, and we’re working hard towards that goal. But because each of our meals has 30 to 40 different ingredients, and the availability of organic alternatives can be limited at times, we’re not ready to make the transition complete. As soon as we do, you’ll read about it here!

  • Are Lazy Vegan meals made locally?

    Yes and no. It all depends on your definition of “local”. All jokes aside: at the moment, 95% of the ingredients we use are grown in Europe. We’re working to get this percentage even higher and aiming to buy more and more of our resources locally.

    By the way, our headquarters and development team are based in Amsterdam.

  • Are Lazy Vegan meals non-GMO?

    Yes, all our meals are completely non-GMO.

  • What are your meat alternatives made of?

    For our vegan meat alternatives, we chose pea protein instead of soy. We love the flavour, and it helps you get all the protein you need to boot.

    Right now, the problem with soy is that it’s overproduced, causing immense deforestation and loss of biodiversity. And that’s not even because we eat a lot of soy. It’s because 70 to 75% of all soy is used for animal feed… and ends up as steaks and pork chops. Soy in itself doesn’t have to be bad for the environment, as long as we change the way we consume it.

  • How do I store Lazy Vegan meals?

    Keep them in your freezer at -18 degrees Celsius or colder. Don’t refreeze them once they’re defrosted.

  • How do I prepare a Lazy Vegan meal?

    There’s no need to defrost! Just toss the ingredients in a frying pan or skillet. Add some of your favourite vegetable oil and give it the occasional stir over medium heat. Feel free to drift away on those delicious aromas filling your nose. But not too long, because it will only take a few minutes before your meal is ready to serve. Wonderfully lazy, isn’t it?

    The microwave is your friend too. Simply empty the bag into a bowl or onto a plate and cover it with a lid. Then heat it for 6 minutes at 900 W, 7 minutes at 800 W or 8 minutes at 700 W. Don’t forget to stir halfway through.

  • Do I have to add ingredients?

    Our meals are fully nutritionally complete. If you like, feel free to add whatever you like. We even have some tips for you if you’re ready for some variation!

  • Where can I buy Lazy Vegan meals?

    There’s a page for that!

  • So how do your meals make our planet better?

    By not eating animals or animal products, you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, livestock feed production and land use. And of course you make a lot of animals happier.

    With every Lazy Vegan meal you eat, you save 1.7 kgs of CO2, 700 litres of water, 1.5 kgs of animal feed and 8 square metres of land.

  • How do frozen meals help combat food waste?

    By freezing fruit and vegetables immediately after the harvest, the nutritional value stays intact, and the food can be kept fresh for much longer. Not only in the chain (from farm to wholesaler to supermarket), but also in your own freezer.

    Meals and products that aren’t stored frozen are much more likely to spoil before they’re bought or eaten. About a third of all food goes to waste this way. If you buy a frozen meal, you get to decide exactly when it’s convenient for you to eat. That saves a lot of food from going to waste.

  • How sustainable is your packaging?

    Our packaging is made of plastic, which isn’t very sustainable – but we’re still looking for ways to completely replace the plastic with another material. Packaging options made of cardboard always have a layer of plastic on the inside, which sadly makes them no more sustainable than the plastic bags we’re using at the moment. Of course, our bags are recyclable and can be discarded with your other plastic waste.

  • Is Lazy Vegan a B Corp?

    Yes, we’re proud that we belong to the B-corp Certified crew! 🌱
    Being a B Corp means that we’re part of a community of businesses that use their power for the good. At Lazy Vegan we’re committed to sustainability and creating a positive social impact, in everything we do. Not only by making it easy for many to eat vegan and healthy, but also in the way we run our business.
    It makes our meals even more tasty don’t you think?


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