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Lazy Faqs

  • Why is the brand called Lazy Vegan?

    It takes you less than ten minutes to prepare your Lazy Vegan ready meal. It is no hassle so you can be lazy and it leaves you all the time in the world to do what you love most. Vegan means our products do not contain animals or animal related ingredients. Lazy and Vegan makes us and hopefully you a Lazy Vegan.

  • Is Lazy Vegan only for Vegans?

    Lazy Vegan is for anyone looking for great food and wanting to eat less meat. We hope everyone becomes a Lazy Vegan, if only it is once a week. Then we all give ourself (and the planet) a break.

  • Where can I buy Lazy Vegan?

    In the UK Lazy Vegan is available at the bigger stores of Sainsbury’s and at leading independent retailers. Visit the Sainsbury’s website with your postal code, to see if our products can be ordered. In NL Lazy Vegan is available at Jumbo (70 stores) in the bigger cities and at Marqt. In Denmark, you can find us at all the Irma stores.

  • What are Chunky Pulled Peaz?

    These are chicken style protein-packed pieces made from the protein and fibre of fresh garden peas with a great taste and texture to boot. Our tasty Chunky Pulled Peaz are an ingredient in our meals and also available as stand-alone products to easily add protein to make any meal a complete nutritious vegan meal. They come in Mediterranean Herbs flavour.


  • Why is there no soy in the Lazy Vegan products?

    Most of the meat replacers use the same old soy or mushroom based processed foods that have dominated the vegan category for so long. The trouble is that the more we learn about the effects of soy on the human body, the more questions are raised.

    There are not many, if not none, vegetarian and vegan substitutes that don’t contain soy. We have solved that one with our Chunky Pulled Peaz. Like we said they are made from the protein and fiber of fresh garden peas. So, no soy. Pretty unique!

  • What goes in to a Lazy Vegan meal?

    Well, we start with what we leave out. We don’t use any animal ingredients in your meal, so no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. Not only this, it’s gluten-free; soy-free; and free from all 14 EU food allergens. Next to the Chunky Pulled Peaz made from the protein and fibre of fresh garden peas, our meals are full of fresh vegetables, tasty herbs and spices. Our vegetables are frozen straight after harvest, sealing in their vitamins and nutrients.


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