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Lazy Faqs

  • Why is the brand called Lazy Vegan?

    We might call ourselves lazy, but that’s only because we believe turning the planet into a more liveable place is a no-brainer. It’s a matter of making choices. That’s why we help you ease into a plant-based lifestyle too.  Whether it’s skipping animal-based foods now and then, or simply putting a healthy dinner on the table. We believe that to change the world, you don’t need to break every routine. You simply add something better to it. Like our meals, that are ready in 8 minutes, so you can be lazy too!

  • Is Lazy Vegan only for Vegans?

    Lazy Vegan is for anyone looking for great food and wanting to eat less meat. We hope everyone becomes a Lazy Vegan, if only it is once a week. Then we all give ourselves (and the planet) a break.

  • Where can I buy Lazy Vegan?

    Check out the Where to find page to see where you can get your Lazy Vegan meal!

  • Why is there no soy in the Lazy Vegan meals?

    Not because we are ‘against soy’, as people sometimes assume. As far as we know there is no scientific evidence for the claim that using soy articles could have a negative effect on your health. The myth that phytoestrogens in soy articles could disrupt hormones and result in ‘man boobs’ turned out to be just that: a myth.

    But isn’t soy articleion destroying the Amazon rainforest? Yes and no. The truth is, more than 90% of soy is produced for animal feed, with most of its nutritional value lost in conversion (which makes animal agriculture so inefficient). Eating soy directly (instead of meat and dairy) would in fact greatly reduce the amount of land needed to produce our food, making it possible to protect our remaining forests and freeing up land to be returned to natural forest.

    The reason, then, why our meals are soy free is something else altogether: we just love pea-protein!

    It has a great taste, an amazing bite and texture and results in a high protein meat substitute. This makes it the perfect ingredient for our ‘chicken-style’ pieces. So, no soy. Pretty unique!

  • What goes into a Lazy Vegan meal?

    Well, we start with what we leave out. We don’t use any animal ingredients in your meal, so no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. Not only this, it’s gluten-free; soy-free; and free from all 14 EU food allergens. Next to the Chicken Style Pieces made from the protein and fibre of fresh garden peas, our meals are full of fresh vegetables, tasty herbs and spices. Our vegetables are frozen straight after harvest, sealing in their vitamins and nutrients.

  • Where is Lazy Vegan based and who is behind it?

    We are a start-up based in Amsterdam and work with a small team of passionate professionals all over Europe. What binds us, is our mission to make people happy and the world a bit better. We hope that people will eat less meat, and become a Lazy Vegan, even if it’s only once a week.


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