Thai Green Curry

We make our Thai-style curry with sugar snaps, baby corn, green bell peppers, carrots and rice. And of course our Chicken Style Pieces made from pea protein. Then we add ginger, garlic and coriander to our irresistible sauce, based on an authentic Thai recipe. And in 8 minutes, you’re ready to eat.

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Heat a frying pan or skillet. Pour in some of your favourite vegetable oil, add your Lazy Vegan meal and heat it up over medium heat. Give it a little stir now and then. Feel free to drift away on those delicious aromas filling your nose. After only about 8 minutes, you’re ready to plate your healthy vegan dinner. Bon appétit!


25% cooked rice (water, rice), 13% vegetable pieces (water, 5% pea protein, pea fiber, olive oil, sunflower oil, potato starch, salt), 9% sugar snap peas, 9% carrot, 7% coconut milk, 6% baby corn, 6% pak choi, 6% red onion, 6% red pepper, 3% coriander, 3% garlic, ginger, green chili pepper, spinach, lime juice, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, red chili pepper, agave syrup, salt, cumin, cardamom.

Nutrition Facts