Roasted pumpkin with plant-based Risotto

Not feeling like spending hours in the kitchen this year? No stress! We have you covered. Surprise your friends & family with a festive risotto course with lots of vegetables, mushrooms and plant based cheese. It will only take you about 30 minutes!  It’s also perfect for people with less cooking skills 😉.

35 minutes

4 persons


  • 2 pumpkins
  • 2 bags of Lazy Vegan Italian Risotto
  • 1 pomegranate
  • Dry pumpkin seeds
  • Some bean sprouts
  • Olive oil
  • Some salad / Aragula

Can you make a perfect Christmas dinner in only 35 minutes? Yes! Check out this vegan Christmas dinner inspiration:

Heat the oven to 200 ℃. Cut the pumpkins into halves and use a metal spoon to scoop out the seeds. Put the pumpkin on a baking tray, rub the pumpkin halves with a bit of olive oil inside and out. Add some pepper and salt to taste. Roast the pumpkin in the centre of the oven for 30 min or until tender.

Meanwhile, scoop out the pomegranate seeds and leave aside. Toast the dry pumpkin seeds (without oil) until they’re a bit brown. When the pumpkin has 10 minutes left to roast, heat some oil in another pan and start with stir-frying the Lazy Vegan Italian Risotto meals for around 10 minutes.

Take the pumpkin halves out of the oven. Take 4 plates and garnish every plate with some salad/aragula. You can optionally add some dressing to the salad. Put on each plate a pumpkin half. Fill the pumpkin halves with the risotto. Garnish the stuffed pumpkin halves with toasted pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds and some bean sprouts.

Have a tasty (and lazy) christmas!


Lazy Vegan Courgette 1

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