Privacy statement

General Privacy Statement

This website is managed by De Onliner.

In case you’re using the website of Lazy Vegan and its products and services which can be found there, your data will be left with us.

Which data we collect can be read below. An explanation why we do it and what we’re able to do with this data can also be found there. This statement covers our entire website: customers, visitors and for example also people who signed up for the newsletter.

How do we receive your data?

When using the Lazy Vegan website, sometimes personal data will be registered. This happens in the following ways:

  • Navigating the website
  • Filling in forms
  • Signing up for newsletter
  • Purchases in the webshop

What do we do with this data?

Lazy Vegan saves and processes your data with the following purposes:

  • For optimizing the website, we collect and analyze the statistics
  • The delivery of the products and services
  • Build up a contact history
  • To keep you updated, if you have signed up

We analyze your data with Google Analytics and are bound to the mandatory retention period.

How do we secure your data?

We strive to save and send your data with the most recent security and encryption methods. Your data will be safely stored and sent. No one outside of the company or not involved can look into this data.

With whom do we share your data?

We don’t share data with third parties and won’t sell it to them either. Lazy Vegan will handle your personal data with care and keep it confidential. Your data will only be shared when placing an order, with our regular party, so that your order can be delivered to the right address. We have enclosed a processor agreement with this party to protect your data.

Contact, mailing and/or advertisements

In the case you receive unwanted advertisements you can always contact us. Signing out will never involve costs.

Younger than 16?

When underage you can only give permission for processing your personal data in consultation with your parents or legal guardian. It’s important that your parent/guardian reads this statement. They can empower the rights you have concerning the personal data you leave with us, like the right to resist the (further) processing of your personal data or the right on insight and correction of your data.

Data insight

Would you like to know which information we possess over you; you can file a written request at Lazy Vegan. Based on the results you can request us to change your personal information if this is factually incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant.

Contact Details

The website and personal details that you leave here will be managed by Lazy Vegan. For questions, comments or a complaint about this Privacy Statement you can always contact us by reaching out to

Third Party Websites

This Privacy and Cookie Statement is not applicable on websites of third parties who can be found on links on this website.

Amendments Privacy Statement

Lazy Vegan reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Statement. It deserves recommendation to regularly check the Privacy Statement, to make sure you’re informed of any changes.

The most recent version can always be found on the website.