New: Tikka Masala vegan ready meal

New: Lazy Vegan Tikka Masala frozen ready meal and completely new packaging design!
Available in the frozen section at Sainsbury’s and independent retailers.





Lazy Vegan Frozen ready meals

More and more people want to eat less meat and more vegetables. It is better for your health, for animal welfare and much better for our planet. At Lazy Vegan, it is our mission to make eating less meat as easy, tasty and fun as possible for everyone.

That will now be even easier with our new delicious flavour: Tikka Masala! Full of fresh vegetables, rice and our ‘chicken style pieces’, ready in 8 minutes in a frying pan. Just like our other meals you’ll find the Tikka Masala in the freezer to make sure vitamins and other nutrients are properly maintained from the moment of harvest all the way to the kitchen. In addition, we’ve designed completely new packaging for all our three meals. The updated look is colourful, fresh and tasty, just like the food inside.

Whether you choose the Mexican, Provençale or Tikka Masala, you’ll find no animal ingredients in our articles: no meat, no dairy and no eggs. But unlike other vegan articles, our meals are also free of gluten and soy, and contain only natural ingredients. The chicken style pieces are made of the protein and fibre of garden peas which gives them great taste and texture. These are also available separately under the name Chunky Pulled Peaz. Add them to your favourite dish to create a healthy, tasty and protein-rich meal.

Lazy Vegan started in the UK this year as one of the Future Brands with Sainsbury’s. The positive reactions have been overwhelming, with the Mexican ready meal even scoring a 4.6 out of 5-star consumer review rating. And it’s not just vegans and vegetarians who have found our articles, but also the growing group of flexitarians who are looking more and more for easy meal options without meat. On a Lazy Friday, or any other day of the week. Tasty, without the statement!

Visit our website for more inspiration and download the press kit with video, packs, logos etc. here.

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Charlotte Haasbroek
Digital Brand Manager