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  • How do I store Lazy Vegan meals?

    Keep them in your freezer at -18 degrees Celsius or colder. Don’t refreeze them once they’re defrosted.

  • I’m allergic. Can I eat Lazy Vegan?

    Almost all of our meals are free from the 14 most common food allergens as defined by the EU. Only our Tikka Masala contains mustard seed. Find all of our allergy information here.

  • Why have you chosen not to use soy?

    Because we think we’ll be able to do even more for the environment if we don’t just skip the animal ingredients, but also avoid soy.

    Right now, the problem with soy is that it’s overproduced, causing immense deforestation and loss of biodiversity. And that’s not even because we eat a lot of soy. It’s because 70 to 75% of all soy is used for animal feed… and ends up as steaks and pork chops. Soy in itself doesn’t have to be bad for the environment, as long as we change the way we consume it.

    That’s why we use pea protein in our meals instead. We love the flavour, and it helps you get all the protein you need to boot.


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