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Sainsbury's Named Best Supermarket Chain For Vegans

The supermarket has hugely expanded its own-brand offering of vegan products – as well as stocking multiple items from other manufacturers

Posted on: 19 December 2018

Vegan Food UK Awards 2018

Want to know which supermarket is bound to have your back covered and which chain restaurant is best for a cheap vegan meal out? Well, the results of the Vegan Food UK Awards 2018 are in.


The awards are based on votes cast by 30,000 members from the 90,000-strong Vegan Food UK Facebook.

Vegan winners

Sainsbury’s beat Tesco in the fight to be crowned ‘Best Supermarket for Vegan Food‘ thanks to its ever-growing range of own-brand vegan meals, and products from other companies including Lazy Vegan.

Vegan lifestyle

“I’m blown away by the speed of how things are growing, thousands of people voted each day, with 30,000 votes cast in total – the numbers are mind-boggling,” Editor of Vegan Food UK, Liam Day, said. “I can’t thank our members enough for their involvement; it’s only through their support and feedback that we can encourage businesses, small and large to get involved in bringing incredible food to us all.”

You can find our Ready Meals and Chunky Pulled Peaz at Sainsbury’s. Shop online or use the store locater.