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A Mexican-style frozen ready meal loaded with fresh vegetables like green beans, red kidney beans, red pepper, sweet corn and potato. It comes with a spicy Mexican style sauce and our Chicken Style Pieces, made from the protein of garden peas. We added chili, garlic and thyme. Perfect as a meal, or add it to your tortillas.

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Red kidney beans

Red Onion

Red pepper

Green beans

Chicken style pieces





Easy to prepare

Add your favourite oil to a frying pan followed by the ready meal content and cook on medium heat for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Alternatively, the articles can also be microwaved.

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Nutritional values

Product reviews

Written by Kelt

We had this with some homemade tortilla chips, made out of baked wraps and seasoned. Found the Mexican seasoning in the dish spot on and plenty of vegetables also.

Written by Smelly_Vegan

I enjoyed this ready meal very much. I’m not really a ready meal person as I prefer fresh food, but this actually taste relatively ‘homecooked’.